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This page centralizes and simplifies access to all my projects.

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Microprogramming TECHNIQUES active English

Personal Weblog active English

Old Disc Drives active English

Vintage Audio active English

AGNET Server active English

Lumea Tuburilor on hold Romanian

PhotoWork on hold Romanian

Passat 3A (B4) discontinued Romanian

Vremuri pending Romanian

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Atlasul Romaniei active Romanian

About me and my projects

I am a long time computer programmer and electronics engineer.

I started computer programming back in 1993 on an 80386SX/25MHz machine. I was using x86 Assembly language and Borland Pascal with Objects. As information was scarce, I learned programming mainly by trial and error. Reading the Help system of the utilities I was using back then also helped. I learned strong design guidelines and solid architecture from computer literature of the era. This is my underlying stone on which I built all of my current knowledge.

I was always strongly driven to create functional minimalist graphical user interfaces to access the business logic behind my software. As for the source code, I always guided myself by the less is more principle. I produce heavily structured, self-explaining, ultra optimized source code. Not a single line more than needed. I have been faithful to these principles ever since.

Although I worked on both CISC and RISC architectures, I always emphasized x86. Pure nostalgia, maybe? I have worked with various microcontrollers, Z80 and x86 microprocessors, and even started designing my own computers. A few successful Z80 machines and an 80286 based design that was never materialized due to lack of resources at the time. But I still have the original electrical schematics I designed.

Speaking of electronics, at about the same time I started computer programming, I began assembling simple circuits based on schematics published within the literature of the era. In time I started designing my own. I am interested in analog audio signal amplification and digital microelectronics.

Of the projects presented on top of this page, I regularly maintain only those with an active status. But more often I write articles in the Personal Weblog. Check it out if you have time. Discontinued projects are displayed only for historical reasons and should be treated as archive.

I believe sharing knowledge and information is gold. So...

...enjoy browsing my projects.

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Short Curriculum Vitae
Name Alexandru Groza
Gender Male
Residence Romania
Nationality Romanian
Education Technical University "Gh. Asachi of Iasi"
Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Engineering
Specialization Embedded Systems Control at Continental Automotive
Degree awarded dipl. engineer
Native language Romanian
Other languages
English (proficient)
French (proficient)
German (sub-beginner)
Russian (sub-beginner)
Current (display):
Past (display):
Computer Skills Known platforms:
 + Microsoft Windows (all versions, proficient)
 + Microsoft DOS (all versions, proficient)
 + Mac OS (all versions, medium)
 + UNIX (FreeBSD, basic-medium)

Known Technologies:
 + Delphi (RTL, VCL, FMX, inline assembly, proficient)
 + Pascal (RTL, TurboVision, inline assembly, proficient)
 + C# (Visual C#, medium)
 + C/C++ (Visual C++, C++Builder, medium)
 + Visual Basic (medium)
 + PERL (beginner)
 + HTML/CSS, XML, JavaScript (medium)
 + 16-bit and 32-bit Assembly (x86, medium)
 + 8-bit and 16-bit Assembly (Z80 and PIC, beginner)
 + Reverse engineering (medium)
 + Debugging (proficient)
 + GIT subversioning (medium)
 + SVN, TFS subversioning (proficient)
 + Technical documentation writing (proficient)

Administration and Management:
 + JIRA and bugtrackers (proficient)
 + Team Leading and Project Management (medium)

Other Technologies:
 + Graphics processing and designing (medium)
 + Audio processing and filtering (medium)
 + Electronic CAD Design (EAGLE, proficient)
Technical Skills Hardware design:
 + Vacuum tube technology research
 + Design of electrical schematics for automation
 + Design of digital microelectronics
 + Design of printed circuit boards of high complexity
 + Microcontroller and microcomputer devices
 + Microprogramming of embedded devices
Other Skills Artistic skills and occupations:
 + Electric guitar and synthesizer player
 + Hobby cyclist
 + Hobby photographer
 + Vintage audio gear collector
 + Private server operator
Copyright © 1998- Alexandru Groza