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AGNET Server details
Details regarding the Internet exposure of AGNET Server.
+ Type: Private
+ Exposure: Public and Private
+ Internet Address: private
+ Guaranteed up-time is 95% per year
+ Survives on back-up power supply for about 30 minutes should the power line fail
AGNET Services
Brief listing of the services provided by AGNET Server.
+ Public: HTTP Server
AGNET Server Machine (#01)
Details regarding this machine.
+ Model: 80386 Server
+ Processor: Intel 80386DX-IV / 33 MHz
+ Memory: 8 Mb RAM
+ Main Storage: 2 x 512 Mb SSD devices
+ Additional Storage: SAN (RAID-5)
+ Operating System: MS-DOS
+ Exposure: Public and Private

no public hosting services
at the moment

on-line since 2003

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