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  Ever had a question regarding my work or myself?
  This section covers answers for most of the common questions one might ask. I tried to group the questions into categories.
  I am updating this section from time to time in order to synchronize the information with the reality.

General - Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What software did you use to build these sites?

A: All these sites were built from scratch using a plain ASCII text editor. In time I have discovered Sublime Text 2 and have been using it ever since as my text editor of choice. A plain text editor enabled me to use my imagination on building the theme and the layout of the various pages. I always preferred building things from ground zero, even if this is often the hardest way.

Q: What hosting provider are you using?

A: All these sites and downloadable content are stored on one or more self operated private servers, under the name AGNET Server. Everything I serve is for a non-profit clause: knowledge sharing.

Q: Have you quit playing the electric guitar?

A: For some good years, yes I did. I have put on hold the Vremuri project and I have sold the electric guitar and the old amplifier along with all related gear. But what do you know, I am already missing it so I have decided to save for a new electric guitar. Hope to accomplish this dream anytime soon. In fact I have already purchased another Peavey tube amplifier back in 2013. But still no guitar...

Q: Are you into music, then?

A: Not exactly. I am into composing simple minimalistic electric guitar riffs. But I also like fooling around on my two+ decade old synthesizer. Nothing special, I am a hobbyist by all means.

Q: Are you still driving the Passat B4?

A: No, not any more. The project was discontinued due to low spare time. The car has been sold some long time ago. I drive something else now. Same fun to drive but less fun to talk about.

Q: What about the Home Office?

A: What about it? Things are slowly progressing as I am gathering mostly second-hand hardware. But in the mean time I have figured out that I can perfectly do my work with the stuff I already have. There is still nothing exquisite. My main computer is still a 2011 Apple Macbook that works well. No need to change or upgrade. I am even thinking on designing a minimalist office. In fact, as of late 2015, I have already discontinued this whole Home Office project. The former office related pages have been archived and removed from the server.

Q: Can I find you on social networks?

A: No. I don't have such time available to be on the social networks. Besides, I meet my few friends in person, not on-line. And I'm not interested in knowing what my friends do. Neither the friends of my friends. Thank you, for your understanding.

Q: Are you married?

A: Yes.

Q: Why there are no comments in your Personal Weblog?

A: I consider that a comments section is useless in this context. That weblog is a reflection of my mind, whether you like it or not. Comments pollute the articles. If you like what you see, you read. Otherwise you close the page. This is the magic of the Internet. One can really chose what to read. I also don't want you to waste your time writing comments that I would never read due to lack of time.

Q: What do you do in your spare time?

A: I ride my bicycles and I read a lot of computer programming literature and scientific stuff on-line. I am also interested in both classic and quantum physics and chemistry, particularly radioactive elements, especially radioisotopes and other sources that can be converted into electricity. Thank God we have the Internet these days. With this quantity of information I could never be bored. I like to learn stuff in my spare time.

Q: Do you ever do anything else besides working?

A: Yes I do. More work! Also a lot of household related projects. Besides that, I've got *my* life and I am not going to step into details.

Electronics - Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What are your current electronic projects?

A: For the moment, I am busy with a lot of vintage HI-FI gear restorations. I am doing this only for myself. I don't sell the gear that I restore. Neither do I collect it. I simply use it. So the restorations are done to my highest expectations and quality standards. Related articles might appear from time to time on the Vintage Audio related pages.

Q: Why did you quit working with tubes?

A: I never said I quit. I don't have that much spare time left for working with these marvels. But future projects are planned so, stay tuned. You could check on Lumea Tuburilor from time to time. Maybe one day I'll post new stuff.

Q: Are you continuing with microelectronic research?

A: Yes, of course, but on a slower pace than ever due to other priorities. I have some very big projects on my map and I hope I will materialize them somewhere in the far future.

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