Microelectronics | 12 V / 2 A Switching Mode Power Supply


This power supply went shot a few years ago an I didn't bother fixing since I had little use for it.

As I plan to use it, I decided to invest some time (and resources) to completely rebuild it with quality parts in order to increase its reliability.


First of all, I stripped away all the parts. Next I replaced almost all components with high quality counterparts. Next, I cleaned the circuit board with acetone and isopropyl alcohol. I used quality eutectic solder to bind all electronic components.


Here are some pictures that I took during this operation.

This is before the rebuild.

This is the bare PCB.

And after the rebuild.

These are the parts that I replaced. ChongX VEHT! Man, ChongX - I can understand it. But veht instead of vent?

Next up, I extracted the schematic on a piece of paper and modified two resistor values so that the divider calibrates the supply to 7.5 V as I plan to use it in an equipment that should accept 7.5 Vcc in order to reduce heat losses in the linear regulator stage.

This power supply will operate in an always-on fashion thus it had to be reconstructed with quality in mind.

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