Microelectronics | Adaptec AHA-1542CP SCSI Controller


I bought this SCSI controller somewhere around 2005 for an MS-DOS server that I was running back then. It worked for a couple of years then I retired it. Since then it stayed in the drawer next to an Adaptec AHA-1542CF SCSI controller. I'm planning to use it again in a new DIY retrocomputing project: a new MS-DOS server! I'll present this project once it is completed.


I thought about replacing the few electrolytic capacitors scattered on the PCB assembly. Unlike the AHA-1542CF SCSI controller which has both 10 uF and 22 uF capacitors, this one has only 22 uF / 25 V parts. As before, I went with single-ended conductive polymer aluminum solid capacitors. Everything went straightforward.


Here are some pictures that I took during this operation.

That was easy.

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