Microelectronics | TRENDnet TEG-S80TXE


This switch has been in my home network for at least seven years. It once supported the backbone of my (now) defunct Home Office, routing network traffic between the storage area network and the various servers involved in my work. Now it has a different purpose: it provides two wired connections to each of the three rooms in my home. While wireless has mostly taken over copper cable, it still can't support multiple PCs generating intense traffic over the network. Thus copper wire is here to stay.


I decided to replace the 11 year old electrolytic capacitors on the switch PCB. The originals were TEAPO, brand which is known to cause issues from time to time. Especially since this switch operates under relatively high internal temperatures. I'm lucky that the capacitors held for this long under a 24/7 environment. As for replacements, I used high-temperature Panasonic FR series capacitors.


Here are some pictures that I took during this operation.

This switch should be sane for a few more years of hard work.

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