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DOS Software | a word forward...

Do you remember the days when an 80386/25MHz machine using 2 Mo of RAM and a 40 Mo hard disk drive along with stunning 256 K VGA graphics, and yes, extra 1.44 Mo floppy drive included, was making the cards? No? We do! In present, there are many vintage computer users (enthusiasts and/or collectors) that may as well appreciate a good free DOS Application. Apart all those users, we aim at another class of people, the ones that deal every day with DOS terminals for maintenance or low level programming of serial attached devices or even microprogramming. We know there is a (possibly very) small targetable community out there!

The only DOS Application we recommend downloading from the list below, is called DiskInfo V.32. We made it possible to run it under Microsoft Windows systems (Microsoft Windows 2000 or earlier; no further support) but, there is a distinct lack of performance measurement under this operating system, when DiskInfo is used, just because it is based 100% on pure DOS 16-bit real-mode code. The point is that this Application can be freely integrated in boot diskettes, CDs or other DOS-based bootable media. One never knows when needs to retrieve information regarding storage devices installed on his machine. For now, it supports detection of all kind of magnetic devices, optical devices and psychical devices (like RAM disks or SUBSTed disks). USB support and hardware recognition are planned to be included too, in the near future.

Please take a look at the list below and choose to download whatever suits you best (click on the name of the desired Application and download the .ZIP archive containing the program files along with description and help files). Pointing the folder icon of the Application will display information regarding the download package container (.ZIP, .EXE, etc.):

If you like what we are doing, please consider making a donation. Any amount is treasured and will help us (Mr. Alexandru Groza) continue our work and release more valuable software, free of charge.

DOS Software | Products

  Name Size Description

DiskInfo V.30 18.7 Ko Storage devices information retrieval program (old version, available just for references)
DiskInfo V.32 32 Ko Storage devices information retrieval program (revised, updated version)
LZWArc 14 Ko Commandline compressor / decompressor with encryption / decryption
Reboot 4.81 Ko Small application that can reboot a machine
TMVD (TextMode Video Drivers) 1.25 Ko Small commandline .COM applications that will change the textmode resolution of your screen

DOS Software | Download Package Information

File Description Meaning
Files are compressed and are of type .ZIP This Application is distributed as installation kit with multiple files, or as a single .EXE along with other application specific files. These files are all compressed inside a .ZIP archive for portability.

DOS Software | Conclusion

The DOS Software production will (probably) never cease at Microprogramming TECHNIQUES although the development for this platform is *not* what we do on a daily basis and has a very low priority over our Windows and Mac OS X development areas. However, the DOS Software section is here to stay!

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