Old Disc Drives


This site centralizes my hobby of collecting old hard disk drives.
I started it back in 2000 and sporadically updated it ever since.


Synopsis: Introduction to this hobby of mine.

Synopsis: About hard disk drives. Construction, principle of operation, and more.

MFM Hard Disk Drives
Synopsis: Also called Winchester drives, these were the first real candidates for personal computer mass storage purposes.

RLL Hard Disk Drives
Synopsis: RLL encoding was only normal technological progress, directly based on the old MFM standard.

Historical IDE Hard Disk Drives
Synopsis: Drives with capacities below the 2.5 Gb threshold. Theses are XT or AT compatible, up to the ATA-3 standard.

Modern IDE Hard Disk Drives
Synopsis: Any IDE drive with a capacity above the 2.5 Gb threshold. These often comply to the ATA-3 and up standards.

SATA Hard Disk Drives
Synopsis: Very large capacity magnetical drives using a high speed serial interface for data communication.

SCSI Hard Disk Drives
Synopsis: SCSI was and still is the technological pinnacle for storage devices, employing fast data transfer capabilities.


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