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this section covers some restoration work that I did on my vintage HI-FI gear
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Article #1 | 07:36 PM Tuesday 28/01/2020

AKAI GX-95: Introduction

I bought this cassette deck about 10 years ago but I have used it only about 5 percent of the total time I dedicated to cassette listening. Why? Because I never liked how it sounded. I can hardly say this about any other decks that I previously had.

But is that bad? People on technical forums say it is. Some even swear by it. Some others are saying the reverse. I happened to be in both categories at the same time. Until I fixed the deck. Once I loaded a tape in its well and hit the play button, I was stunned. Mesmerized. I'm glad I didn't sold it because I had many occasions. Turns out it was a mechanical misalignment that was causing all the bad sound reproduction.

So here's me writing the first lines of this article about a deck that I considered worse than what people were talking on various forums out there. Even worse than some of the cheapest ones I had along the time. It was characterized by a very dull and boring sound. All that changed with the quick fix that I implemented. Well it is not actually a fix per se but a part replacement by all means.

I always liked the electrical construction of this machine. Also the mechanical block is of good quality. It was even shared by many other AKAI decks out there in a slightly altered form.

Let's go with the classical article approach then. Let's see the machine details and what I did to raise it back from the dead.

Article #2 | 08:15 PM Tuesday 28/01/2020

AKAI GX-95: Technical Data

This cassette deck has the following technical characteristics.

Article #3 | 06:30 PM Saturday 15/02/2020

AKAI GX-95: Parts List

For the moment there is no need to replace parts in this cassette deck. But will keep this section here and will update it accordingly when the time will come.

Article #4 | 07:14 PM Saturday 15/02/2020

AKAI GX-95: Servicing the Mechanical Block


Old belts are totally worn out. All of them have developed cracks and lost their elasticity. Because it was very brittle, I chipped the rubber of the idler tire when I removed it.

If you will

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