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this section covers some restoration work that I did on my vintage HI-FI gear
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Article #1 | 06:27 PM Saturday 20/10/2016

AKAI GX-F71: Introduction

I liked this model from the moment I first saw it. But only this year I had a chance to buy it in the optical and functional condition I was seeking. It is working great and sounds good too. But since 1982, the capacitors have aged. It would really benefit from new ones.

I might as well check the mechanical assembly for unseen and unforeseen problems.

2019 edit: The mechanical block developed a well known problem. It randomly stops spinning the take-up reel which causes the auto-stop mechanism to trigger quickly. This is good, otherwise the tape would end up chewed altogether. This issue is mainly due to the worn out idler tire. Changing an idler tire is a sign that all transmission rubber parts need to be changed as well. Think pinch rollers, capstan belt, idler tire, and electric cassette door belt. I am not aware of any other rubber in this transmission type.

If you will

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