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this section covers some restoration work that I did on my vintage HI-FI gear
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Article #1 | 08:24 PM Sunday 03/01/2016

Introduction: Vintage Audio Restorations

Over the time, a lot of vintage audio gear has passed through my hands. The truth is that over the same time, I parted with almost over 90% of this gear. While refining my tastes, I have finally settled down to a few devices that I really like and regularly use. These fine units are mainly produced in the 1970s. Thus I have decided to fully restore them. Once restored, they should be able to survive for another forty years. While I don't own all the gear presented herein, I occasionally repair these units for friends and family members.

This board presents only pure technical information. If you are looking for the stories, be sure to check the Personal Weblog. I wrote at least one article about almost each unit you can find restored here. But you need to look them up.

Be patient as I work very slow. So updates will be infrequent.

If you would like to view my work on audio amplifiers, please follow the links below.

AKAI Electric Company Ltd. SANSUI Electric Company Ltd. PIONEER Electric Company Ltd. Electronica Industriala
AKAI AA-5210 #1 Sansui AU-505 PIONEER SA-9100 IEI A-350
AKAI AA-5210 #2 Sansui AU-666
Sansui AU-6500 #1
Sansui AU-7500
Sansui AU-9500

If you are into tape decks then check my work in this field.

AKAI Electric Company Ltd. SONY Corporation

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