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One Man Band

This project started back in 2003. The main purpose was to upgrade my electric guitar skills while having some fun.

The electric guitar that I used to record the audio material previous to 2007 was a Les Paul clone made by Tenson. The tube amplifier of those times was a DIY construction and had a 40 W output power. It was equipped with 2 rectifier tubes, 5 preamplifier tubes, and 2 final power tubes. These days I am playing on an Epiphone Les Paul Standard and a Peavey 6505+ 112 tube combo amplifier.

Audio Recordings

Sticluta cu Otrava

  1. Vremuri - Soapta Noptii
  2. Vremuri - Sticluta cu Otrava
  3. Vremuri - Plumb
  4. Vremuri - In Miaz de Noapte
  5. Vremuri - Ivirea Zorilor

Various Recordings

  1. Vremuri - Ceasul Rau
  2. Vremuri - Lacustra
  3. Vremuri - Sunet Vechi

If you will

Please note that all the work presented herein this site is non-commercial. This is my hobby and I am doing this in my spare time. Through this page I freely share my audio experiments with you. But if you like my work, please consider buying me a coffee.

Thank you!

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