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One Man Band

This project started back in 2003. The main purpose was to improve my electric guitar skills while having some fun.

The guitar that I used to record the audio material previous to 2007 was a Les Paul clone made by Tenson. The amplifier that I used back then was a DIY construction with vacuum tubes and had an output power of 40 W. It was equipped with two rectifier tubes, five preamplifier tubes, and two power tubes. The speaker cabinet had two 12" 20 W alnico speakers wired in series.

These days I am playing on an Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro through a Peavey 6505+ 112 tube amplifier.

Audio Recordings

Sticluta cu Otrava (2007)

  1. Vremuri - Soapta Noptii
  2. Vremuri - Sticluta cu Otrava
  3. Vremuri - Plumb
  4. Vremuri - In Miaz de Noapte
  5. Vremuri - Ivirea Zorilor

Various Recordings (2003-2007)

  1. Vremuri - Ceasul Rau
  2. Vremuri - Lacustra
  3. Vremuri - Sunet Vechi

if you will

Please note that all the work presented herein this site is non-commercial. This is my hobby and I am doing this in my spare time. Through this page I freely share my audio experiments with you. But if you like my work, please consider buying me a coffee.

Thank you!

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