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  Ever had a question regarding my work or myself?
  This section covers answers for most of the common questions one might ask. I tried to group the questions into categories.
  I update this page occasionally in order to synchronize it with the reality.

What software did you use to build these sites?

Since 1999, I use a simple ASCII text editor for web-related programming (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript). I discovered Sublime Text 2 in 2012 and I still use it. A plain text editor allowed me to use my imagination for the design, layout, and graphical theme of my sites.

What hosting provider do you use?

All my sites and downloadable content were previously stored on one or more self operated private servers, under the AGNET Server umbrella. Nowadays everything is served from a datacenter. The content is provided as-is, for educational and knowledge sharing purposes.

Have you quit playing the electric guitar?

In 2007 I sold the electric guitar, the tube amplifier, and related gear. I have set the Vremuri project on hold. Back in 2013 I bought a Peavey tube amplifier and in 2021 I received an Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro electric guitar as a birthday gift. So I'm still playing.

Are you into music, then?

Not exactly. But I like composing simple minimalistic electric guitar riffs. For some time I fooled around with a vintage Yamaha synthesizer. While it was fun, it was not my call so I abandoned the idea.

Are you still driving the Passat B4?

Not anymore. I discontinued the project in 2012 and I sold the car in 2013. These days I drive something else. Still fun to drive but less fun to talk about.

What about the Home Office?

I discontinued the Home Office project in 2015. Most of the hardware was decommissioned and sold. I only have two computers now. One is an early 2011 Apple Macbook Pro 17" that still works well. The other one is a powerful workstation.

On social networks?

No. I don't have that much time available. I think that social networks distract me from doing meaningful things.

What about forums?

Yes. From time to time I write on retrocomputing and electronics forums. But I am not very active so it is not even worth mentioning.

Are you married?

Yes. Twice at the same time: my wife and engineering.

No comments section?

Reading comments takes a lot of time and energy. I don't want you to waste your time writing comments that I would mostly never read.

What do you do in your spare time?

I ride my bicycles and I read computer programming and system architecture literature. I also read scientific publications online. Sometimes I watch documentaries or read books. I like to learn new things.

Do you ever do anything else besides work?

Yes I do. More work! Apart from that, I've got my life and I am not going to step into details.

computer programming
Do you still program software?

Yes I do, time permits. I opened a GitHub account to share some of my open-source projects. But most of my software will remain closed-source for now.

What is your favorite programming language?

Object Pascal, by far. Second to that is x86 assembly language. Sometimes I also use plain C.

Do you continue with microelectronics research?

Of course. I designed a whole lot of computer cards for the ISA bus. And I still have some big projects on my radar. Check the Microelectronics site for more details.

What are your current projects?

I am working on vintage audio restorations. Before you ask, I rarely sell the gear that I restore and I don't offer restoration services. Related articles might appear from time to time on the Vintage Audio site. I am not a collector and I always use the units that I restore.

Why did you quit working with tubes?

I didn't quit. Even though my Vacuum Tubes site is not updated for a long time, I have plans to design and build a new monoblock tube amplifier.

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