Microelectronics | Toshiba XM-5401B SCSI CD-ROM Drive


An old four speed SCSI CD-ROM drive that wasn't even ejecting the tray. It was detected by the SCSI host adapter but there was no way I could use it at all. I assumed it can be salvaged; thus, I gave it a try.


First, I cleaned everything (electronics, plastic parts, plastic gears, but not the motors) with soapy water in the sink. Then I let the parts dry completely. Next, I used some isopropyl alcohol to finish the cleaning phase.

In terms of electronic parts, I replaced all electrolytic capacitors with modern solid polymer capacitors. Then I moved on to reassembling of all geared systems and finally lubed everything with silicon grease.

In total, I spent about two full evenings on this project. But it works great in the end. The operation is so smooth and flawless. In addition, being a slow drive, it doesn't produce audible noise.


Here are some pictures that I took during this operation. Unfortunately there are no initial state pictures. This unit was so dirty (in fact, it was filthy) that I haven't even considered taking before pictures.

The new capacitors fit like a glove.

I like the looks; so '90s.

The CD-ROM drive works great. It reads most burned CDs and all audio CDs. It will be doing service in one of my retrocomputers.

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