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Welcome to the Microprogramming TECHNIQUES Internet site! Take some time to read about our history, our goal, and ultimately, our software products. Navigate your way through the software download galleries to get whatever suits your neeeds.

Our primary software research branches are:

  DiskInfo - Disk information retrieval (DOS)
  I+ Installer - Installation kit creator (Windows)
  DisCleaner - Hard disk cleaning program (Windows)

Secondary software research branches are:

  System Utilities / OS Core design (DOS)
  Operating System Utilities (Windows)
  Electronics / Automation software (Embedded)

The primary software research branch is devoted to developing software applications mainly for the current operating systems while the secondary software research branch is devoted to researching new solutions for the existing operating systems and for various industrial automation panels. Most parts of the finished software belonging to the secondary software research branches may be found in the Software and DOS sections of this site.


Microprogramming TECHNIQUES launched DisCleaner 2.5.1!
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about Microprogramming TECHNIQUES

We started out with DOS programming in the year 1998, by Mr. Alexandru Groza's initiative who is also the lead programmer and software architect at Microprogramming TECHNIQUES. The first program ever developed was DiskInfo V.1.00. It was used to report information regarding the storage peripherals installed into any IBM PC or clone machine. DiskInfo is still being improved and it is and will be available for download as now it is a mature technology. It is still quite useful although it remained a pure DOS 16-bit application.

Later on we have developed a lot of diversified applications for operating systems ranging from DOS to Windows 7. Basically we produce applications designed to handle disk and file routines (as in: disk cleaners, disk information retrievers, disk formatting, etc.) but StatUtils was the first software suite to break this rule. It consisted in four (4) utilities designed to analyze and work with geographical statistical data. Since 2005 we are also involved into microcontroller programming.

We are a small non-profit company and we produce mainly software that may be freely distributed under certain terms such as never altering the executable code or any other parts of the software package. This does not stop us from delivering competitive software by today's standards. So we continuously try to outperform our job for a total customer satisfaction.

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