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Our award-winning software applications presented here are designed from scratch to be competitive and easy-to-use. Although most of our software products are free, please read the Terms of use before downloading or using them. The software products that come under a commercial license are bound to other terms and conditions.

If you like what we are doing, please consider making a donation. Any amount is treasured and will help us (Mr. Alexandru Groza) continue our work and release more valuable software, free of charge.

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 I+ Installer Lite
 License type: Free

Comming soon, in a beta tester's functional version!

 License type: Free

DisCleaner is a Windows application designed to help you clean-up the hard disc(s) installed in your computer. DisCleaner comes as a powerful tool that can be run to free your hard disc(s) of all the junk accumulated over time.

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 Automatic Shutdown
 License type: Free

This application shuts down the machine after a preset time.

[ download ]

 License type: Free

Disables the "low disk space warning" in Microsoft Windows XP.

[ download ]

 Font Viewer
 License type: Free

Small and portable Windows application that will display all the fonts installed onto your machine.

[ download ]

Thank you for your interest in our Software products.

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